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Extraction of Effective Mobility from nMOSFETs With Leaky Gate Dielectric Using Time Domain Reflectometry

By: Kim, Y.; Lee, Y.G.; Jung, U.; Kim, J.J.; Choe, M.; Lee, K.T.; Lee, B.H.; Park, J.; Pae, S.;

2015 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Transaction - Components, Circuits, Devices and Systems - The effective mobility ( μ eff ) of MOSFETs with ultrathin high- k gate dielectric ( EOT= 0.85 nm) has been successfully extracted using a time domain reflectometry method. A ground–signal–ground–ground probe configuration is used to analyze the gate-to-channel capacitance ( C gc ), gate-to-bulk capacitance ( C gb ), and total gate capacitance ( Cg ) without a complex RF test structure. Using this method, the effective mobility can be extracted even in the presence of a high gate leakage current ( ˜ 30 A/cm 2 ) when the conventional split capacitance–voltage method using an impedance analyzer cannot be applied.