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100 kJ/50 kW HTS SMES for Micro-Grid

By: Hu, N.; Xu, Y.; Liu, Y.; Shi, J.; Song, M.; Li, J.; Ren, L.; Tang, Y.;

2015 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Transaction - Fields, Waves and Electromagnetics - A 150 kJ/50 kW conduction-cooled HTS SMES have been developed. This paper presents the design and configuration of the SMES and parts of important test results. The magnet of the SMES is a solenoid type coil made of Bi2223/Ag tapes, and cooled to about 20 K by conduction-cooled method. To evaluate the performance of the SMES, a series of tests are successfully carried out in an electric power system dynamic simulation laboratory. The current carrying ability of the magnet, the active and reactive power exchange capability between the SMES and power system, and the power compensating effect of the SMES are experimentally investigated and some test results are given. The designed SMES is key equipment for the micro-grid demonstration garden of Yunnan electric power grid of China, and will be installed for field tests.