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Low Loss Superconducting Microstrip Development at Argonne National Lab

By: Chang, C.L.; Ade, P.A.R.; Ahmed, Z.; Allen, S.W.; Arnold, K.; Austermann, J.E.; Bender, A.N.; Bleem, L.E.; Benson, B.A.; Carlstrom, J.E.; Cho, H.M.; Ciocys, S.T.; Cliche, J.F.; Crawford, T.M.; Cukierman, A.; Ding, J.; de Haan, T.; Dobbs, M.A.; Dutcher, D.; Everett, W.; Gilbert, A.; Halverson, N.W.; Hanson, D.; Harrington, N.L.; Hattori, K.; Henning, J.W.; Hilton, G.C.; Holder, G.P.; Holzapfel, W.L.; Hubmayr, J.; Irwin, K.D.; Keisler, R.; Knox, L.; Kubik, D.; Kuo, C.L.; Lee, A.T.; Leitch, E.M.; Li, D.; McDonald, M.; Meyer, S.S.; Montgomery, J.; Myers, M.; Natoli, T.; Nguyen, H.; Novosad, V.; Padin, S.; Pan, Z.; Pearson, J.; Posada Arbelaez, C.; Reichardt, C.L.; Ruhl, J.E.; Saliwanchik, B.R.; Simard, G.; Smecher, G.; Sayre, J.T.; Shirokoff, E.; Stark, A.A.; Story, K.; Suzuki, A.; Thompson, K.L.; Tucker, C.; Vanderlinde, K.; Vieira, J.D.; Vikhlinin, A.; Wang, G.; Yefremenko, V.; Yoon, K.W.;

2015 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Transaction - Fields, Waves and Electromagnetics - Low loss superconducting microstrip is an essential component in realizing 100 kilo-pixel multichroic cosmic microwave background detector arrays. We have been developing a low loss microstrip by understanding and controlling the loss mechanisms. We present the fabrication of the superconducting microstrip, the loss measurements at a few GHz frequencies using half-wavelength resonators, and the loss measurements at 220 GHz frequencies with the superconducting microstrip coupled to slot antennas at one end and to TES detectors at the other end. The measured loss tangent of the microstrip made of sputtered Nb and SiOx is 1-2e-3.