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Adaptive Modulation for Dynamic Point Selection/Dynamic Point Blanking

By: Zhang, P.; Tao, X.; Wang, H.;

2015 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Letter - Communication, Networking and Broadcast Technologies - A combination of dynamic point selection (DPS) with dynamic point blanking (DPB) has been identified as a promising cooperative multipoint transmission (CoMP) mechanism to handle inter-cell interference. In this letter, we present an analytic model to perform non-adaptive and ideal adaptive modulation DPS/DPB for a typical CoMP system consisting of three transmission points, where a target bit error rate (BER) is set. Probability density functions of the signal to interference plus noise ratio for all possible DPS/DPB schemes are derived, based on which loading algorithms for non-adaptive and adaptive modulation DPS/DPB are proposed. Furthermore, closed form expressions of average spectral efficiency for all possible adaptive modulation DPS/DPB are derived given a target BER.