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Outage Probability of Full-Duplex AF Relaying With Processing Delay and Residual Self-Interference

By: Dong, Y.; Wang, Q.; Tao, X.; Xu, X.;

2015 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Letter - Communication, Networking and Broadcast Technologies - This letter investigates the outage performance in a full-duplex relay (FDR) channel that adopts an amplify-and-forward (AF) protocol. We provide a new closed-form expression for the outage probability that captures the joint effect of residual self-interference (RSI) and a direct link. In addition, when the processing delay of the relay is larger than 1, which is often the case in practice, the proposed closed-form outage performance expression still applies. Finally, all the theoretical results are validated through numerical simulations. The results indicate that AF-FDR can outperform selective decode-and-forward FDR (SDF-FDR) in the low-to-intermediate-rate regions because of less processing delay.