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The Experimental Research and Analysis of a HTS SMES Hybrid Magnet

By: Ren, L.; Tang, Y.; Shi, J.; Chen, J.; Xu, Y.; Deng, J.; Han, P.; Liu, Y.; Liu, H.; Li, J.;

2015 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Transaction - Fields, Waves and Electromagnetics - A conduction-cooled HTS hybrid magnet is developed for a 150-kJ/100-kW SMES system used for power conditioning. As a main component of a dynamic operation system, it is necessary to evaluate the current carrying ability, temperature characteristic, and thermal stability of the magnet. In this paper, the magnet structure is introduced. Then, a series of experiments were conducted to investigate the voltage variations of every coil and the magnet when the HTS magnet is fed with different transport current at 77 and 20 K. The temperature variation and thermal stability of the magnet at 20 K are observed. In addition, the current carrying ability of the HTS magnet is presented, and the performance of 1G and 2G HTS coils are discussed.