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Analysis of medium-voltage DC and AC supply for klystron accelerators at the European Spallation source

By: DeDoncker, Rik W.; Stagge, Hanno; Voss, Johannes;

2014 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Conference - 2014 IEEE International Power Electronics and Application Conference and Exposition (PEAC) - The European Spallation Source is a planned research facility in Lund-Sweden for scientific research using particle accelerators. In the facility protons will be accelerated in a pulsed pattern and collide with a heavy metal target. Due to the impact of the protons intense pulses of neutrons are emitted. These neutrons are led to experimental stations, where research on materials is executed. A total power of 25–40 MW will be needed when the beam is in operation. Because the linear accelerator beams the protons in a 14 Hz pulse pattern flicker and other distortion may impact on the transmission grid. In the following paper the focus lies on converters and control design to lower the grid impact. The internal grid is analyzed to improve the availability. Finally ac- and dc-distribution grids are compared.