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A 2.34–3.29GHz CMOS LC VCO with low phase noise and low power

By: Xiaole Cui; Hao Wang; Zuolin Cheng; Chung Len Lee;

2014 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Conference - 2014 IEEE International Conference on Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits (EDSSC) - A low phase noise wideband LC VCO is designed and presented. In this VCO, a symmetrical LC tank with proper arrangement of varactors is used to extend its tuning range. Results from the post layout simulation show that the VCO achieved a wide tuning range from 2.34GHz to 3.29GHz. Moreover, a noise cancellation technique is adopted to achieve better phase noise performance. The VCO exhibits that phase noise is lower than −120.1dBc/Hz at 1-MHz offset frequency. The circuit consumes 2.38mA of power from a 1.8V supply.