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Theoretical and experimental studies on the electronic structure of crystalline and amorphous ZnSnO3 thin films

By: Joohwi Lee; Deok-Yong Cho; Jisim Jung; Un Ki Kim; Sang Ho Rha; Cheol Seong Hwang; Jung-Hae Choi;

2013 / American Institute of Physics


The influence of structural disorder on the electronic structure of amorphous ZnSnO3 was examined by ab-initio calculations. The calculation results are compared with the experimental results using as-deposited and annealed ZnSnO3 films grown by atomic layer deposition. The O K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, and thin-film transistors were employed in the experiment. The conduction band minima of amorphous and crystalline ZnSnO3 mainly consisted of Sn 5s state, while a higher non-uniform localization of these states was observed in the amorphous phase compared with the crystalline counterpart. The experimental results coincide well with the theoretical results.

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