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Analysis of eddy current losses in cylindrical linear oscillatory actuator with Halbach permanent magnet array mover

By: Kyoung-Jin Ko; Ji-Hwan Choi; Seok-Myeong Jang; Jang-Young Choi;

2012 / American Institute of Physics


This paper describes calculations and comparisons of eddy current losses in a cylindrical linear oscillatory actuator with a Halbach array permanent magnet mover for different voltage source waveforms. Using the magnetic vector potential and a two-dimensional cylindrical coordinate system, the paper presents an analytical procedure and obtains solutions for the eddy current losses using the Poynting theorem. To verify the proposed method, the eddy current losses obtained from the analytical solutions are compared with the results of a non-linear finite element method. Moreover, this paper shows that the eddy current losses are more significant when the actuator is driven by a square voltage waveform than when it is driven by a sinusoidal voltage waveform.

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