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Development of the LPD, a high dynamic range pixel detector for the European XFEL

By: Hart, Mathew; Angelsen, C.; Wing, M.; O'shea, V.; Joy, A.; Blue, A.; Thomas, S.; Burge, S.; Coughlan, J.; Halsall, R.; Koch, A.; Kuster, M.; Nicholls, T.; Prydderch, M.; Seller, P.;

2012 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Conference - 2012 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (2012 NSS/MIC) - We present the development and prototype test of the LPD instrument, a novel pixel detector for the European XFEL. At XFEL the LPD detector must be capable of operating with a frame rate of 4.5MHz and record images with a dynamic range of 1∶100,000 photons (12keV) whilst maintaining low noise. The prototype LPD system has a large in pixel memory depth of 512 images that can be selected with a flexible veto system. Data is then transferred off the detector head in between XFEL pulses with an accompanying high rate data acquisition system. The system has been prototyped and assembled into an LPD detector head that contains custom silicon sensors and ASICs as well as a programmable data acquisition cards and supporting electronics and mechanics. A second version of the ASIC has also been submitted for manufacture. The experiences with our first prototype are presented.