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400 V/1000 kVA Hybrid Automatic Transfer Switch

By: Qiu, J.; Duan, Y.; He, Y.; Wang, D.; Lu, J.; Mao, C.; Tian, B.;

2013 / IEEE


This item from - IEEE Transaction - Power, Energy and Industry Applications - A lot of large-scale industrial critical loads suffer from voltage interruptions and sags which can cause a significant financial loss. The thyristor-based solid-state transfer switch (STS) and mechanical-based automatic transfer switch (ATS) are used to protect loads against these power quality problems. However, the STS has a great deal of loss consumption because of the forward voltage drop of the thyristors, and ATS can hardly satisfy the voltage-sensitive load due to the long transfer time. This paper proposes a 400 V/1000 kVA hybrid ATS (thyristor switch in parallel with mechanical switch) (HATS) to realize low power consumption under normal situation and transfer fast when required. The proposed HATS has four transfer strategies which can be chosen according to different applications, it realizes the overlapping transfer of the neutral wire, and it can make a decision to transfer or not according to the different fault locations (transfer on the source side and not transfer on the load side). The design details of the prototype are presented, and laboratory tests and field experiments show the prototype good performance.