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An acquisition system for CMOS imagers with a genuine 10 Gbit/s bandwidth

By: Tromeur, W.; Marhoug, J.; Barbier, R.; Guerin, C.; Houles, J.; Cajgfinger, T.; Dominjon, A.; Doan, Q.T.;

2011 / IEEE / 978-1-4673-0120-6


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' An acquisition system for CMOS imagers with a genuine 10 Gbit/s bandwidth ' This paper presents a high data throughput acquisition system for pixel detector readout such as CMOS imagers. This CMOS acquisition board offers a genuine 10 Gbit/s bandwidth to the workstation and can provide an on-line and continuous high frame rate imaging capability. On-line processing can be implemented either on the Data Acquisition Board or on the multi-cores workstation depending on the complexity of the algorithms. The different parts composing the acquisition board have been designed to be used first with a single-photon detector called LUSIPHER (800�00 pixels), developed in our laboratory for scientific applications ranging from nano-photonics to adaptive optics. The architecture of the acquisition board is presented and the performances achieved by the produced boards are described. The future developments (hardware and software) concerning the on-line implementation of algorithms dedicated to single-photon imaging are tackled.