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A New Security Architecture for BitTorrent

By: Ragab-Hassen, H.; Radoveneanu, A.; Bader, F.;

2011 / IEEE / 978-1-4577-2135-9


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' A New Security Architecture for BitTorrent ' With the proliferation of the use of Internet for distributing multimedia and software content, there is an increasing need for efficient and secure data distribution mechanisms that can scale to large numbers of users. The peer-to-peer protocol Bit Torrent is scalable and is widely used to share unprotected files. The lack of security in Bit Torrent obstructs its deployment for business applications. P2P systems have developed up to a point where their use in a business context is hampered by the lack of security. We propose to add the missing security services, widening the range of use of P2P systems. In this paper we propose a new and scalable security architecture for Bit Torrent that provides reliable mechanisms for authentication, authorization, and confidentiality. The security architecture we propose for Bit Torrent could be used in both personal and business contexts, and its comparison to existing architectures shows its efficiency.