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Time-Efficient Data Congregation Protocols on Wireless Sensor Network

By: Islam, A.K.M.M.; Wei Chen; Wada, K.;

2011 / IEEE / 978-1-4577-0356-0


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Time-Efficient Data Congregation Protocols on Wireless Sensor Network ' This paper focuses on time-efficient data congregation protocols on a Dynamic Cluster-based Wireless Sensor Network (CBWSN). The CBWSN is self-configurable and re-configurable, thus capable of performing two dynamic operations: node-move-in and node-move-out. In this paper, we propose two efficient congregation techniques for Dynamic CBWSN. In order to facilitate the efficient congregation protocols we propose an improved cluster-based structure. In this structure, we first construct a communication highway, and then improve the cluster-based structure to facilitate efficient congregation protocols such that the nodes of the network can perform inter and intra cluster communications efficiently. We also study the time complexity of the protocols.