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Resources for pre-university power engineering outreach

By: Srivastava, A.; Louie, H.;

2011 / IEEE / 978-1-4577-1002-5


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Resources for pre-university power engineering outreach ' An aging workforce and the need to modernize the electric power system are significant challenges facing many nations, and in particular the United States. This complex problem requires a multi-faceted solution that starts with outreach to pre-university students. The aim of these outreach programs is to introduce students to power engineering concepts and to encourage them to choose power engineering as an area of future study and vocation. Outreach activities may also be targeted at guidance counselors, teachers, parents and the general public to the increase the awareness and image of the power engineering profession. This paper identifies pre-university power engineering outreach resources. Funding sources and organizations involved with engineering outreach are also identified. Specific on-line multimedia and in-person, experiential learning lesson plans and activities are discussed. These resources are intended to be used by power engineering faculty and other interested individuals.