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Research on logistics mode in automobile enterprises based on industry conformity

By: Xueliang Shi;

2011 / IEEE / 978-1-4577-0536-6


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Research on logistics mode in automobile enterprises based on industry conformity ' The supply chain of auto industry complex high and demanding strong on the overall collaboration features. the huge automotive systems, a vast, both information exchange difficulties between supply and demand, the complicated logistics operations backward, leading to the procurement of auto suppliers, production process and logistics vehicle sales are at high efficiency, high-quality, social, professional, international, reputation and brand challenges. In this paper, foreign automotive supply chain are summarized the three modes after a detailed analysis: 1.the Ford and GM's are representative for highly collaborative business outsourcing model in the United States; 2.Toyota is represented by their own systems and Lean Logistics JIT mode in Japan; 3.Benz, Volkswagen, BMW are representatives for the Renault car factory to the trading platform at the core of the logistics accumulation and dispersion models in Europe. On the basis of automotive Logistics characteristics and the successful operation of foreign experiences, the two integrations are referred : First, vertical integration - based on the automotive industry e-commerce SCM Logistics Integration; the second is a horizontal integration - based on the vehicle JIT logistics common distribution system, which is based on further integration of the automobile industry logistics mode.