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Identify the relationship between emotional intelligence and performance

By: Mahdizadeh, A.; Mehdizadeh, G.; Hosseini, S.M.;

2010 / IEEE / 978-1-4244-6932-1


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Identify the relationship between emotional intelligence and performance ' In the present study the main objective of the researcher is to assess emotional intelligence and its relationship between personnel of justice department in Mazandaran province. In this study, group study included all employees working at the time of the research was conducted. To calculate the sample size from the table and Morgan Grjsy were used and sample members were selected randomly. The first research question was to identify the relationship between emotional intelligence and performance of the staff and in the second research question the researcher responded to the question whether sex and education can modurate this relation. For the evaluation of emotional intelligence of the personnel Segal standard questionnaire were used and to measure the performance of the personnel the human resource archive was referred to. To confirm the validity of the tool, judicative method and to confirm the reliability Coronbach's alpha coefficient method was used. To answer the research questions after data collection, using SPSS ordinal software Spearman correlation method was used. Results from analysis of the collected information indicates; between emotional intelligence and performance are direct relation and personal characteristics (gender and education) modulate this relation.