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A Java-Based Interface for Creating and Mining RDF Database

By: Guilfoos, B.; Samsi, S.S.; Chalker, A.; Unpingco, J.; Smith, H.B.;

2009 / IEEE / 978-1-4244-5769-4


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' A Java-Based Interface for Creating and Mining RDF Database ' The Resource Description Framework (RDF) language can be used to describe data and the relationships between different objects in the data. As larger amounts of data are generated, many applications in the Signal and Image Processing areas such as radar image processing, electromagnetics, etc., present users with the challenge of representing and mining the data. In many cases, this data resides on secure Department of Defense Supercomputing Resource Centers (DSRC). Our earlier work developed a Web interface for querying and searching this RDF data and also allowed users to transfer this data between DSRCs. In this paper, we describe the architecture improvements in the Web interface that make the application easier to deploy, maintain, and modify. The entire application has beenrefactored in an object-oriented manner, making it easier to customize and re-use parts of the application in other Java based tools. Additionally, we have developed a Java-based tool for creating the metadata associated with existing data. The RDF creation tool makes it easy for users to create RDF databases without the need to learn the intricacies of the RDF language. This new tool can also be integrated into the Web application thus allowing users to generate RDF databases for new data. Pilot studies were also conducted to enable the use of mpscp for high bandwidth data transfers, with promising results.