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Hybrid FDSOI/bulk High-k/metal gate platform for low power (LP) multimedia technology

By: Fenouillet-Beranger, C.; Perreau, P.; Pham-Nguyen, L.; Denorme, S.; Andrieu, F.; Tosti, L.; Brevard, L.; Weber, O.; Barnola, S.; Salvetat, T.; Garros, X.; Casse, M.; Leroux, C.; Noel, J.P.; Thomas, O.; Le-Gratiet, B.; Baron, F.; Gatefait, M.; Campidelli, Y.; Abbate, F.; Perrot, C.; de-Buttet, C.; Beneyton, R.; Pinzelli, L.; Leverd, F.; Gouraud, P.; Gros-Jean, M.; Bajolet, A.; Mezzomo, C.; Leyris, C.; Haendler, S.; Noblet, D.; Pantel, R.; Margain, A.; Borowiak, C.; Josse, E.; Planes, N.; Delprat, D.; Boedt, F.; Bourdelle, K.; Nguyen, B.Y.; Boeuf, F.; Faynot, O.; Skotnicki, T.;

2009 / IEEE / 978-1-4244-5641-3


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Hybrid FDSOI/bulk High-k/metal gate platform for low power (LP) multimedia technology ' In this paper, we present FD-SOI with High-K and Single Metal gate as a possible candidate for LP multimedia technology. Dual gate oxide co-integrated devices with EOT 17�Vdd 1.1V and 29�Vdd 1.8V are reported. The interest of Ultra-Thin Buried Oxide substrates (UTBOX) is reported in term of Multiple Vt achievement and matching improvement. Delay improvement up to 15% is reported on Ring Oscillators as compared to bulk 45nm devices. In addition, for the first time 99.998% 2Mbit 0.374�m2 SRAM cut functionality has been demonstrated. Thanks to a hybrid FDSOI/bulk co-integration with UTBOX all IP's required in a SOC are demonstrated for LP applications.