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Status of the R&D towards electron cooling of RHIC

By: Ben-Zvi, I.; Alduino, J.; Barton, D.; Beavis, D.; Blaskiewicz, M.; Brennan, J.; Burrill, A.; Calaga, R.; Cameron, P.; Chang, X.; Drees, A.; Fedotov, A.V.; Fischer, W.; Ganetis, G.; Gassner, D.; Grimes, J.; Hahn, H.; Hammons, L.; Hershcovitch, A.; Hseuh, H.-C.; Kayran, D.; Kewisch, J.; Lambiase, R.; Lederle, D.; Litvinenko, V.; Longo, C.; MacKay, W.; Mahler, G.; Mclntyre, G.; Meng, W.; Oerter, B.; Pai, C.; Parzen, G.; Pate, D.; Phillips, D.; Plate, S.; Pozdeyev, E.; Rao, T.; Reich, J.; Roser, T.; Ruggiero, A.; Russo, T.; Schultheiss, C.; Segalov, Z.; Smedley, J.; Smith, K.; Tallerico, T.; Tepikian, S.; Than, R.; Todd, R.; Trbojevic, D.; Tuozzolo, J.; Wanderer, P.; Wang, G.; Weiss, D.; Wu, Q.; Yip, K.; Zaltsman, A.; Favale, A.; Holmes, D.; Sredniawski, J.; Bluem, H.; Cole, M.; Rathke, J.; Schultheiss, T.; Todd, A.; Parkhomchuk, V.; Reva, V.; Burov, A.; Nagaitsev, S.; Prost, L.; Sidorin, A.; Smirnov, A.; Derbenev, Y.; Kneisel, P.; Mammosser, J.; Phillips, L.; Preble, J.; Reece, C.; Rimmer, R.; Saunders, J.; Stirbet, M.; Wang, H.; Aleksandrov, A.; Douglas, D.; Kang, Y.; Abell, D.; Bell, G.; Bruhwiler, D.; Busby, R.; Cary, J.; Dimitrov, D.; Messmer, P.; Ranjbar, V.; Smithe, D.; Sobol, A.; Stoltz, P.;

2007 / IEEE / 978-1-4244-0916-7


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Status of the R&D towards electron cooling of RHIC ' The physics interest in a luminosity upgrade of RHIC requires the development of a cooling-frontier facility. Detailed calculations were made of electron cooling of the stored RHIC beams. This has been followed by beam dynamics simulations to establish the feasibility of creating the necessary electron beam. The electron beam accelerator will be a superconducting Energy Recovery Linac (ERL). An intensive experimental R&D program engages the various elements of the accelerator, as described by 24 contributions to the 2007 PAC.