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Design studies of high-luminoisty ring-ring electron-ion collider at CEBAF

By: Bogacz, A.; Brindza, P.; Derenchuk, V.; Belov, A.; Dudnikov, V.; Ostroumov, P.; Montag, C.; Fischer, W.; Zhang, Y.; Yunn, B.; Wojtsekhowski, B.; Thomas, A.; Poelker, M.; Musson, J.; Merminga, L.; Li, R.; Krafft, G.; Hutton, A.; Grames, J.; Evtushenko, P.; Ent, R.; Derbenev, Y.; Delayen, J.; Cardman, L.; Bruell, A.;

2007 / IEEE / 978-1-4244-0916-7


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Design studies of high-luminoisty ring-ring electron-ion collider at CEBAF ' Experimental studies of fundamental structure of nucleons require an electron-ion collider of a center-ofmass energy up to 90 GeV at luminosity up to 1035 cm¿2s¿1 with both beams polarized. A CEBAF-based collider of 9 GeV electrons/positrons and 225 GeV ions is envisioned to meet this science need and as a next step for CEBAF after the planned 12 GeV energy upgrade of the fixed target program. A ring-ring scheme of this collider developed recently takes advantage of the existing polarized electron CW beam from the CEBAF and a green-field design of an ion complex with electron cooling. We present a conceptual design and report design studies of this high-luminosity collider.