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Status of R&D energy recovery LINAC at Brookhaven National Laboratory

By: Litvinenko, V.N.; Citver, G.; Alduino, J.; Beavis, D.; Ben-Zvi, I.; Blaskiewicz, M.; Brennan, J.M.; Burrill, A.; Calaga, R.; Cameron, P.; Xiangyun Chang; Drees, A.; Ganetis, G.; Gassner, D.M.; Grimes, J.T.; Hahn, H.; Hammons, L.R.; Hershcovitch, A.; Hsiao-Chaun Hseuh; Jain, A.K.; Kayran, D.; Kewisch, J.; Lambiase, R.; Lederle, D.L.; Longo, C.; Mahler, G.; Mclntyre, G.; Wuzheng Meng; Nehring, T.; Oerter, B.; Chien Pai; Pate, D.; Phillips, D.; Pozdeyev, E.; Rao, T.; Reich, J.; Roser, T.; Russo, T.; Segalov, Z.; Smedley, J.; Smith, K.; Tuozzolo, J.; Gang Wang; Weiss, D.; Williams, N.; Qiong Wu; Kin Yip; Zaltsman, A.; Favale, A.; Bluem, H.; Cole, M.; Holmes, D.; Rathke, J.; Schultheiss, T.; Todd, A.; Buckley, B.; Delayen, J.R.; Funk, L.W.; Phillips, L.; Preble, J.P.;

2007 / IEEE / 978-1-4244-0916-7


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Status of R&D energy recovery LINAC at Brookhaven National Laboratory ' In this paper we present status and plans for the 20- MeV R&D energy recovery linac (ERL), which is under construction at Collider Accelerator Department at BNL. The facility is based on high current (up to 0.5 A of average current) super-conducting 2.5 MeV RF gun, single-mode super-conducting 5-cell RF linac and about 20-m long return loop with very flexible lattice. The R&D ERL, which is planned for commissioning in early 2009, aims to address many outstanding questions relevant for high current, high brightness energy-recovery linacs.