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Status of the sparc-x project

By: Vaccarezza, C.; Alesini, D.; Bellaveglia, M.; Bertolucci, S.; Boni, R.; Boscolo, M.; Castellano, M.; Clozza, A.; Cultrera, L.; Di Pirro, G.; Drago, A.; Esposito, A.; Ferrario, M.; Ficcadenti, L.; Filippetto, D.; Fusco, V.; Gallo, A.; Gatti, G.; Ghigo, A.; Ligi, C.; Marinelli, A.; Migliorati, M.; Mostacci, A.; Pace, E.; Palumbo, L.; Pellegrino, L.; Preger, M.; Ricci, R.; Sanelli, C.; Serio, M.; Sgamma, F.; Spataro, B.; Stella, A.; Tazzioli, F.; Vescovi, M.; Vicario, C.; Ciocci, F.; Dattoli, G.; Dipace, A.; Doria, A.; Flora, F.; Gallerano, G.P.; Giannessi, L.; Giovenale, E.; Messina, G.; Ottaviani, P.L.; Pagnutti, S.; Parisi, G.; Picardi, L.; Quattromini, M.; Renieri, A.; Ronci, G.; Ronsivalle, C.; Rosetti, M.; Sabia, E.; Sassi, M.; Torre, A.; Zucchini, A.; Mattioli, M.; Pelliccia, D.; Catani, L.; Chiadroni, E.; Cianchi, A.; Gabrielli, E.; Schaerf, C.; Musumeci, P.; Petrarca, M.; Alessandria, F.; Bacci, A.; Bonifacio, R.; Boscolo, I.; Broggi, F.; De Martinis, C.; Castelli, F.; Cialdi, S.; Giove, D.; Flacco, A.; Maroli, C.; Petrillo, V.; Rossi, A.R.; Serafini, L.; Perrone, A.; Labat, M.; Tcherbakoff, O.; Lambert, G.; Garzella, D.; Bougeard, M.; Breger, P.; Monchicourt, P.; Merdji, H.; Salieres, P.; Carre, B.; Couprie, M.E.; Emma, P.; Pellegrini, C.; Reiche, S.; Rosenzweig, J.;

2007 / IEEE / 978-1-4244-0916-7


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Status of the sparc-x project ' SPARC-X is a two branch project consisting in the SPARC test facility dedicated to the development and test of critical subsystems such as high brightness photoinjector and a modular expandable undulator for SASE-FEL experiments at 500 nm with seeding, and the SPARX facility aiming at generation of high brilliance coherent radiation in the 1.5-13 nm range, based on the achieved expertise. The projects are supported by MIUR (Research Department of Italian Government) and Regione Lazio. SPARC has completed the commissioning phase of the photoinjector in November 2006. The achieved experimental results are here summarized together with the status of the second phase commissioning plans. The SPARX project is based on the generation of ultra high peak brightness electron beams at the energy of 1 and 2 GeV generating radiation in the 1.513 nm range. The construction is at the moment planned in two steps starting with a 1 GeV Linac. The project layout including both RF-compression and magnetic chicane techniques has been studied.