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A prototype energy spectrometer for the ILC at end station a in SLAC

By: Lyapin, A.; Woods, M.; Szalata, Z.; McCormick, D.; Hast, C.; Arnold, R.; Adolphsen, C.; Boorman, G.; Boogert, S.; Hildreth, M.; Duginov, V.; Morozov, N.; Kostromin, S.; Viti, M.; Schreiber, H.-J.; Ward, D.; Thomson, M.; Slater, M.; Petigura, E.; Sadre-Bazzaz, M.; Kolomensky, Yu.; Chistiakova, M.; Wing, M.; Miller, D.; Maiheu, B.; Gournaris, F.;

2007 / IEEE / 978-1-4244-0916-7


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' A prototype energy spectrometer for the ILC at end station a in SLAC ' The main physics program of the International Linear Collider requires a measurement of the beam energy with a relative precision of the order 10¿4 or better. A magnetic spectrometer using high resolution beam position monitors (BPMs) has been proposed to achieve this goal. A prototype spectrometer chicane employing four dipole magnets is currently under development at the End Station A in SLAC, intending to demonstrate the required resolution and stability of this method and investigate possible systematic effects and operational issues. This contribution reports on the successful commissioning of the beam position monitor system and the resolution and stability achieved. Also, the initial results from a run with a full spectrometer chicane are presented.