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High Frequency Modeling of PM Synchronous Machine for Use in Integrated Motor Drive

By: Abed, N.; Ganu, S.; Mohammed, O.A.; Liu, S.; Liu, Z.;

2007 / IEEE / 1-4244-0946-2


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' High Frequency Modeling of PM Synchronous Machine for Use in Integrated Motor Drive ' In this paper, a high frequency physical phase variable model of electric machines is presented. The proposed model is composed of a low frequency phase variable model and a high frequency winding branch connected in parallel. The high frequency winding branch is used to include the distributed effects appearing at high frequency operation while the low frequency phase variable model captures the low frequency dynamics. The proposed model parameters are obtained from different types of finite element analyses (FEA), including nonlinear transient analysis, magnetodynamic analysis, and electrostatic analysis. This paper includes determination procedure of the distributed parameter model of the motor winding and its lumping technique. A cable model is developed to investigate its effect on the motor terminal overvoltage. Permanent magnet synchronous motor is used as an example. An experimental verification is conducted to verify the proposed model performance. The significance of the developed model is that it can be used to evaluate different machine designs.