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Integrated System Bench for Design V&V Using Real-Time Simulation

By: Jaw, L.; Tran Van Hoang; Wang, W.; Homan, D.; Crum, V.; Chou, W.;

2007 / IEEE / 1-4244-0524-6


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Integrated System Bench for Design V&V Using Real-Time Simulation ' An integrated system bench has been developed for validating system process using real-time simulation model. The validation process performs the feature characterization of a dynamical system of interest, and then uses the characterized features for system performance validation. The system bench is a computer platform consisting of multiple single-board computers, in which a suite of real-time embedded algorithms is designed and dedicated to system performance validation and fault feature analysis. The overall functionality of the system bench is to provide a versatile, robust, and real-time working environment for system model performance validation, in which a number of software tools can be invoked for system model integrity analysis and run-time performance identification.