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A Parallel Skeleton for the Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm 2

By: Gonzalez, O.; Segura, C.; Rodriguez, C.; Miranda, G.; Leon, C.;

2007 / IEEE / 0-7695-2784-1


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' A Parallel Skeleton for the Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm 2 ' This work presents a skeleton for the resolution of multi-objective optimization problems using the improved version of the Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm (SPEA2). From the same problem specification, the skeleton derives sequential and distributed parallel solvers. The user interface for the problem definition consists of a set of classes and methods which are described in detail. The internal implementation of both solvers and their configuration parameters are explained. An application example to solve the optimization of a broadcasting strategy in metropolitan MANETs is given. The computational results obtained for this example in a homogeneous cluster of PCs give evidence of the quality of the approach.