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End-to-End Bandwidth Allocation and Reservation for Grid applications

By: Trew, A.; Tziouvaras, C.; Patil, A.; Kavoussanakis, K.; Simpson, A.; Palansuriya, C.; Buchli, M.; Baxter, R.;

2006 / IEEE / 978-1-4244-0424-7


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' End-to-End Bandwidth Allocation and Reservation for Grid applications ' Production Grid infrastructure requires end-to-end guarantees on the Quality of Service from the underlying networks. In this paper, we present use cases for advance network resource reservation and then describe a multi-layered architecture that can support them. The architecture presents a single bandwidth broker, called BAR, which sits at the Grid layer. BAR not only provides a single point of access to Grid applications to reserve guaranteed end-to-end bandwidth, but also presents its interface in application terms (instead of networking terms). We expose two guaranteed bandwidth services: the Guaranteed Delivery File Transfer and Virtual Leased Line services. Integrated with the G√ČANT2 bandwidth on demand infrastructure, our bandwidth broker deals with multiple network domains, further insulating the applications from network concerns. We also define additional components required for an end-to-end reservation as well as the interfaces between the components. Our deployed prototype demonstrated the world's first software-based, inter-domain bandwidth reservations based on Premium IP.