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Image-adapted voxelization in multicamera settings

By: Casas, J.R.; Salvador, J.;

2006 / IEEE / 0-7803-9752-5


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Image-adapted voxelization in multicamera settings ' This paper presents a new procedure to explore 3D space for visual analysis in multicamera environments. We propose a 3D geometry to sample (voxelize) the space when checking the consistency of the analyzed features in the multiple views. Contrary to regular voxelization, the proposed geometry is irregular in 3D, but becomes regular once projected onto camera images. The aim is to better exploit the redundancy and the enriched information provided in multiview frameworks at the analysis stage. This is accomplished by balancing the usage of the available data (i.e. captured pixels) across the multiple cameras, instead of focusing in a regular sampling of the 3D space from which we do not have direct data. An efficient recursive algorithm that uses the proposed geometry is outlined, and the experimental results reflect higher accuracy than regular voxelization with equivalent restrictions for the chosen multiview analysis applications.