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Relationship of HfO2 Material Properties and Transistor Performance

By: Li, H.J.; Song, S.C.; Krishnan, S.; Pant, G.; Quevedo, M.A.; Peterson, J.J.; Gnade, B.H.; Kim, M.; Kirsch, P.D.; Wallace, R.W.; Lee, B.H.;

2006 / IEEE / 1-4244-0181-4


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Relationship of HfO2 Material Properties and Transistor Performance ' We report on the relationship between the materials science of a HfO2/TiN stack and transistor performance. Atomic layer deposited (ALD) HfO2 can be scaled to a physical thickness of 1.2 nm resulting in EOT=1.0 nm. In scaling HfO2, the interfacial SiOx layer (IL) is also scaled and the extent of HfO2 crystallization is reduced. Reduced HfO2 crystallinity is coincident with reduced threshold voltage instability (10 mV) and increased electron mobility (82% Univ. SiO2). For these stable, high mobility devices, we find that HfO2 can coordinate N as Hf-N without excessive nitridation of the IL.