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NeuroGrid: using grid technology to advance neuroscience

By: Hajnal, J.V.; Lawrie, S.; Fox, N.; Hill, D.; Rossor, M.; Simpson, A.; Lloyd, S.; Geddes, J.; Bullmore, E.; Bath, P.; Procter, R.; Perry, D.; Wardlaw, J.; Johnstone, E.; Mclntosh, A.;

2005 / IEEE / 0-7695-2355-2


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' NeuroGrid: using grid technology to advance neuroscience ' Large-scale clinical studies in neuro-imaging are hampered by several factors including variances in acquisition techniques, quality assurance and access to remote datasets. The Neurogrid project will build on the experience of other UK e-science projects to assemble a grid infrastructure, and apply this to three exemplar areas: stroke, dementia and psychosis, to conduct collaborative neuroscience research.