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Adaptive process management with ADEPT2

By: Kreher, U.; Rinderle, S.; Reichert, M.; Dadam, P.;

2005 / IEEE / 0-7695-2285-8


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Adaptive process management with ADEPT2 ' In the ADEPT project we have been working on the design and implementation of next generation process management software. Based on a conceptual framework for dynamic process changes, on novel process support functions, and on advanced implementation concepts, the developed system enables the realization of adaptive, process-aware information systems (PAIS). Basically, process changes can take place at the type as well as the instance level: changes of single process instances may have to be carried out in an ad-hoc manner and must not affect system robustness and consistency. Process type changes, in turn, must be quickly accomplished in order to adapt the PAIS to business process changes. ADEPT2 offers powerful concepts for modeling, analyzing, and verifying process schemes. Particularly, it ensures schema correctness, like the absence of deadlock-causing cycles or erroneous data flows. This, in turn, constitutes an important prerequisite for dynamic process changes as well. ADEPT2 supports both ad-hoc changes of single process instances and the propagation of process type changes to running instances.