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First steps in the silicon vertex trigger upgrade at CDF

By: Adelman, J.; Zanetti, A.L.; Annovi, A.; Aoki, M.; Bardi, A.; Bedeschi, F.; Beiforte, S.; Bellinger, J.; Berry, E.; Bitossi, M.; Bogdan, M.; Carlsmith, M.; Carosi, R.; Catastini, P.; Cerri, A.; Chappa, S.; Chung, W.; Ciocci, M.A.; Crescioli, F.; Dell'Orso, M.; Di Ruzza, B.; Donati, S.; Furic, I.; Galeotti, S.; Giannetti, P.; Ginsburg, C.M.; Giovacchini, P.; Handler, R.; Kim, Y.K.; Lewis, J.D.; Liu, T.; Mahlum, R.; Maruyama, T.; Morsani, F.; Ott, G.; Pedron, I.; Piendibene, M.; Pitkanen, M.; Pondrom, L.G.; Punzi, G.; Reisert, B.; Rescigno, M.; Ristori, L.; Sanders, H.; Sartori, L.; Schifano, F.; Sforza, F.; Shochet, M.; Simoni, B.; Spinella, F.; Squillacioti, P.; Tang, F.; Torre, S.; Tripiccione, R.; Volpi, G.; Yang, U.K.; Zanello, L.;

2005 / IEEE / 0-7803-9221-3


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' First steps in the silicon vertex trigger upgrade at CDF ' The silicon vertex trigger (SVT) in the CDF experiment at Fermilab performs fast and precise track finding and fitting at the second trigger level and has been a crucial element in data acquisition for Run II physics. However as luminosity rises, multiple interactions increase the complexity of events and thus the SVT processing time, reducing the amount of data CDF can record. The SVT upgrade aims to increase the SVT processing power to restore at high luminosity the original CDF DAQ capability. We describe the first steps in the SVT upgrade, consisting of a new associative memory with 4 times the number of patterns, and a new track fitter to take advantage of these patterns. We describe the system, its tests and its performance.