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A 3D Parallel Beam Dynamics Code for Modeling High Brightness Beams in Photoinjectors

By: Qiang, J.; Limborg, C.; Ryne, R.; Lidia, S.;

2005 / IEEE / 0-7803-8859-3


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' A 3D Parallel Beam Dynamics Code for Modeling High Brightness Beams in Photoinjectors ' In this paper we report on IMPACT-T, a 3D beam dynamics code for modeling high brightness beams in photoinjectors and rf linacs. IMPACT-T is one of the few codes used in the photoinjector community that has a parallel implementation, making it very useful for high statistics simulations of beam halos and beam diagnostics. It has a comprehensive set of beamline elements, and furthermore allows arbitrary overlap of their fields. It is unique in its use of space-charge solvers based on an integrated Green function to efficiently and accurately treat beams with large aspect ratio, and a shifted Green function to efficiently treat image charge effects of a cathode. It is also unique in its inclusion of energy binning in the space-charge calculation to model beams with large energy spread. Together, all these features make IMPACT-T a powerful and versatile tool for modeling beams in photoinjectors and other systems. In this paper we describe the code features and present results of IMPACT-T simulations of the LCLS photoinjectors. We also include a comparison of IMPACT-T and PARMELA results.