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Reconstruction of Photon Factory Storage Ring for the Straight-Sections Upgrade Project

By: Honda, T.; Asaoka, S.; Yamamoto, S.; Umemori, K.; Ueda, A.; Uchiyama, T.; Tsuchiya, K.; Tanimoto, Y.; Takahashi, T.; Tadano, M.; Shioya, T.; Sato, Y.; Sakanaka, S.; Cheng, W.X.; Haga, K.; Harada, K.; Hori, Y.; Izawa, M.; Kasuga, T.; Kobayashi, Y.; Maezawa, H.; Mishina, A.; Mitsuhashi, T.; Miyajima, T.; Miyauchi, H.; Nagahashi, S.; Nogami, T.; Obina, T.; Pak, C.O.;

2005 / IEEE / 0-7803-8859-3


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Reconstruction of Photon Factory Storage Ring for the Straight-Sections Upgrade Project ' At the 2.5-GeV ring of the Photon Factory, a large-scale reconstruction of its lattice is in progress. The objects of the reconstruction are an increase in number and extensions of the straight sections for insertion devices. Four new straight sections will be created and all existing straight sections will be largely extended. As a result, the number of straight sections for insertion devices will be increased from the currently available seven to thirteen. The newly created straight sections are short in length but will have low beta functions and will be suitable for housing short-period narrow-gap undulators. An invacuum undulator, which has a sufficiently high brilliance within a spectral range for the x-ray research field, is being developed and will be installled. The shutdown for the upgrade project is scheduled for the period from March to September, 2005.