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Status of the SPARC Project

By: Alesini, D.; Bertolucci, S.; Bellaveglia, M.; Biagini, M.E.; Boni, R.; Boscolo, M.; Castellano, M.; Clozza, A.; di Pirro, G.; Drago, A.; Esposito, A.; Ferrario, M.; Ficcadenti, L.; Filippetto, D.; Fusco, V.; Gallo, A.; Gatti, G.; Ghigo, A.; Guiducci, S.; Incurvati, M.; Ligi, C.; Marcellini, F.; Migliorati, M.; Mostacci, A.; Palumbo, L.; Pellegrino, L.; Preger, M.; Ricci, R.; Sanelli, C.; Serio, M.; Sgamma, F.; Spataro, B.; Stecchi, A.; Stella, A.; Tazzioli, F.; Vaccarezza, C.; Vescovi, M.; Vicario, C.; Alessandria, F.; Bacci, A.; Boscolo, I.; Broggi, F.; Cialdi, S.; DeMartinis, C.; Giove, D.; Maroli, C.; Mauri, M.; Petrillo, V.; Rome, M.; Serafini, L.; Levi, D.; Mattioli, M.; Medici, G.; Musumeci, P.; Pelliccia, D.; Petrarca, M.; Cianchi, A.; Catani, L.; Chiadroni, E.; Gabrielli, E.; Tazzari, S.; Ciocci, F.; Dattoli, G.; Dipace, A.; Doria, A.; Flora, F.; Gallerano, G.P.; Giannessi, L.; Giovenale, E.; Messina, G.; Ottaviani, P.L.; Pagnutti, S.; Parisi, G.; Picardi, L.; Quattromini, M.; Renieri, A.; Ronci, G.; Ronsivalle, C.; Rosetti, M.; Sabia, E.; Sassi, M.; Torre, A.; Zucchini, A.; de Silvestri, S.; Nisoli, M.; Stagira, S.; Rosenzweig, J.B.; Dowell, D.H.; Emma, P.; Limborg, C.; Palmer, D.;

2005 / IEEE / 0-7803-8859-3


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Status of the SPARC Project ' The SPARC project has entered its installation phase at the Frascati National Laboratories of INFN: its main goal, the promotion of an R&D activity oriented to the development of a high brightness photoinjector to drive SASE-FEL experiments, is being vigorously pursued by a collaboration among ENEA-INFN-CNR-Universita` di Roma Tor Vergata-INFM-ST. In this paper we will report on the installation and test of some major components, like Ti: Sa laser system, RF gun and RF power system. Advancements in the control and beam diagnostics systems will also be reported, in particular on the emittance-meter device for beam emittance measurements in the drift space downstream the RF gun. Recent results on laser pulse shaping show the feasibility of producing 10 ps flat-top laser pulses in the UV with rise time below 1 ps. First FEL experiments have been proposed, using SASE, seeding and non-linear resonant harmonics.