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A discovery algorithm for physical topology in switched Ethernets

By: Yantao Sun; Zhimei Wu; Zhiqiang Shi;

2005 / IEEE / 0-7695-2421-4


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' A discovery algorithm for physical topology in switched Ethernets ' Accurate and up-to-date knowledge of topology serves as the base of a number of network management functions, such as performance monitoring and evaluation, fault detection and location, resource allocation and etc. In the paper, the topology of a switched Ethernet is abstract to a tree and the relationship between any two network nodes is determined as a lineal connection or collateral connection by aid of a set of theorems. Based on the theorems, a practical algorithm to automatically discover the physical topology of switched Ethernets is proposed based on the incomplete address forwarding tables (AFTs). As an important part of the network management system of community broadband integrated services network (CBISNMS), this mechanism is working successfully.