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Design and characterization of active pixel sensors in 0.25 CMOS

By: Allport, P.P.; Velthuis, J.J.; Villani, G.; Turchetta, R.; Evans, A.; Casse, G.;

2004 / IEEE / 0-7803-8700-7


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Design and characterization of active pixel sensors in 0.25 CMOS ' We are developing CMOS monolithic active pixel sensors for high energy physics applications. We have successfully produced 3 test structures. They feature several different pixel types including: standard 3MOS, 4MOS allowing Correlated Double Sampling (CDS), charge amplifier pixels and a Flexible APS (FAPS). The FAPS has a 10 deep pipeline on each pixel. This is specifically designed with the beam structure of the TESLA proposal for the linear collider in mind. A program to test these devices is well under way. Here results demonstrate that these devices are still operating well after a dose of 10/sup 14/ p/cm/sup 2/ will be reported. Furthermore, the response of the FAPS to minimum ionizing particles (MIPs) from a /sup 106/Ru /spl beta/-source are presented. The obtained S/N-ratio for the 10 cells of the FAPS varies between (14.7/spl plusmn/0.4) and (17.0/spl plusmn/0.3).