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Supporting viewpoint-oriented enterprise architecture

By: ter Doest, H.W.L.; Akehurst, D.H.; Steen, M.W.A.; Lankhorst, M.M.;

2004 / IEEE / 0-7695-2214-9


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Supporting viewpoint-oriented enterprise architecture ' Increasingly, organisations establish what is called an enterprise architecture. The enterprise architecture combines and relates all architectures describing some aspect of the organization, such as the business process architecture, the information architecture, and the application architecture. It is a blueprint of the organisation, which serves as a starting point for analysis, design and decision making. Viewpoints define abstractions on the set of models representing the enterprise architecture, each aimed at a particular type of stakeholder and addressing a particular set of concerns. The use of viewpoints is widely advocated for managing the inherent complexity in enterprise architecture. Viewpoints can both be used to view certain aspects in isolation, and for relating two or more aspects. However, in order to make such a viewpoint-oriented approach practically feasible, architects require a tool environment, which supports the definition, generation, editing and management of architectural views. Moreover, such an environment should work in concert with existing domain-specific modelling tools. We present the design of such a tool environment for viewpoint-oriented enterprise architecture.