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Magnetically immersed diode evaluation on the ASTERIX generator up to 7 MV

By: Cooper, G.; McLean, J.; Guarrigues, A.; Delbos, C.; Bayol, F.; Toury, M.; Nicot, G.; Tailleur, Y.; Rosol, R.; Prat, M.; Nicolas, R.; Merle, E.; Magnin, L.; Horde, Y.; Vermare, C.; Sinclair, M.; Critchley, A.;

2004 / IEEE / 0-7803-8334-6


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Magnetically immersed diode evaluation on the ASTERIX generator up to 7 MV ' Summary form only given. We present the results obtained during the ASTERIX generator experiment at CEG. B field generation is the main technological issue. A 400 kJ capacitor bank connected to different solenoid designs allowed 27 T to be achieved (maximum on axis) inside a 40 mm diameter vacuum cell. An effort has been made to calibrate the electrical diagnostics to evaluate diode impedance. X-ray diagnostics measured the horizontal and vertical spot size, dose on the axis and dose rate. Simulations using the Lsp code were used to design the geometries and results were compared to the experimental data. CEA/DAM is interested in a magnetically immersed diode for radiography dynamic experiments.