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The second level trigger of the ATLAS experiment at CERN's LHC

By: Abolins, M.; Armstrong, S.; Baines, J.T.; Barisonzi, M.; Beck, H.P.; Bee, C.P.; Beretta, M.; Biglietti, M.; Blair, R.; Bogaerts, A.; Boisvert, V.; Bosman, M.; Boterenbrood, H.; Botterill, D.; Brandt, S.; Caron, B.; Casado, P.; Cataldi, G.; Cavalli, D.; Cervetto, M.; Ciobotaru, M.; Comune, G.; Corso-Radu, A.; Cortezon, E.P.; Cranfield, R.; Crone, G.; Dawson, J.; Di Girolamo, B.; Di Mattia, A.; Gomez, M.D.; Dobinson, R.; dos Anjos, A.; Drohan, J.; Ellis, N.; Elsing, M.; Epp, B.; Ermoline, Y.; Etienne, F.; Falciano, S.; Farilla, A.; Ferrer, M.L.; Francis, D.; Gadomski, S.; Gameiro, S.; George, S.; Ghete, V.; Golonka, P.; Gonalez, S.; Gorini, B.; Green, B.; Grothe, M.; Gruwe, M.; Haas, S.; Haeberli, C.; Hasegawa, Y.; Hauser, R.; Hinkelbein, C.; Hughes-Jones, R.; Jansweijer, P.; Joos, M.; Kaczmarska, A.; Karr, K.; Khomich, A.; Kieft, G.; Knezo, E.; Konstantinidis, N.; Korcyl, K.; Krasny, W.; Kugel, A.; Lankford, A.; Lehmann, G.; Le Vine, M.; Li, W.; Liu, W.; Lowe, A.; Luminari, L.; Maeno, T.; Maia, M.L.; Mapelli, L.; Martin, B.; McLaren, R.; Meessen, C.; Meirosu, C.; Mello, A.G.; Merino, G.; Misiejuk, A.; Mommsen, R.; Morettini, P.; Mornacchi, G.; Moyse, E.; Muller, M.; Nagasaka, Y.; Nairz, A.; Nakayoshi, K.; Negri, A.; Nikitin, N.; Nisati, A.; Padilla, C.; Papadopoulos, I.; Parodi, F.; Perez-Reale, V.; Petersen, J.; Pinfold, J.L.; Pinto, P.; Polesello, G.; Pope, B.; Prigent, D.; Qian, Z.; Resconi, S.; Rosati, S.; Scannicchio, D.A.; Schiavi, C.; Schlereth, J.; Schoerner- Sadenius, T.; Segura, E.; Shears, T.; Shimojima, M.; Sivoklokov, S.; Smizanska, M.; Soluk, R.; Spiwoks, R.; Stancu, S.; Stanescu, C.; Strong, J.; Tapprogge, S.; Tremblet, L.; Touchard, F.; Vercesi, V.; Vermeulen, V.; Watson, A.; Wengler, T.; Werner, P.; Wheeler, S.; Wickens, F.J.; Wiedenmann, W.; Wielers, M.; Yasu, Y.; Yu, M.; Zobernig, H.; Zurek, M.;

2003 / IEEE / 0-7803-8257-9


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' The second level trigger of the ATLAS experiment at CERN's LHC ' The ATLAS trigger reduces the rate of interesting events to be recorded for off-line analysis in three successive levels from 40 MHz to about 100 kHz, about 2 kHz and about 200 Hz. The High Level Triggers and Data Acquisition System are designed to profit from commodity computing and networking components to achieve the required performance. We discuss Data Flow aspects of the design of the Second Level Trigger (LVL2) and present results of performance measurements.