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Dynamic reliability characteristics of ultra-thin HfO/sub 2/

By: Choi, R.; Kim, Y.H.; Kang, C.S.; Onishi, K.; Cho, H.-J.; Lee, J.C.; Shahriar, A.; Krishnan, S.;

2003 / IEEE / 0-7803-7649-8


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Dynamic reliability characteristics of ultra-thin HfO/sub 2/ ' In this work, we present time-to-breakdown characteristics of HfO/sub 2/ under unipolar AC voltage stress on MOS capacitors. It is shown that HfO/sub 2/ displays a longer lifetime under AC stress than constant voltage stress. Higher frequency and lower duty cycle in the AC stress resulted in a longer lifetime enhancement. As the thickness decreases, the amount of lifetime enhancement decreases. The enhancement of unipolar t/sub BD/ is attributed to less charge trapping during the ""on time"", t/sub on/ and charge detrapping during the off time, t/sub off/. It is proposed that the characteristic time (/spl tau//sub in/) for charge to be trapped in HfO/sub 2/ is longer than t/sub on/ of unipolar stress. Also, we found a strong correlation between t/sub on/ and t/sub off/ with regard to how it leads to lifetime enhancement.