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Upgrading RHIC for higher luminosity

By: Peggs, S.; Kewisch, J.; Trbojevic, D.; Parkhomchuk, V.; Roser, T.; Harrision, M.; Brennan, J.M.; Ben-Zvi, I.; MacKay, W.;

2001 / IEEE / 0-7803-7191-7


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Upgrading RHIC for higher luminosity ' While RHIC has only just started running for its heavy ion physics program, in the first run last summer, we achieved 10% of the design luminosity. In this paper we discuss plans for increasing the luminosity by a factor of 35 beyond the nominal design. A factor of 4 should be straightforward by doubling the number of bunches per ring and squeezing the /spl beta/* from 2 to 1 m at selected interaction points. An additional factor of 8 to 10 could be possible by using electron cooling to counteract intrabeam scattering and reduce the emittance of the beams.