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MeV X-rays from laser-produced plasmas

By: Dusterer, S.; Schwoerer, H.; Behrens, R.; Sauerbrey, R.; Uschmann, I.; Feurer, T.; Ziener, C.;

2000 / IEEE / 1-55752-634-6


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' MeV X-rays from laser-produced plasmas ' Summary form only given. Femtosecond laser pulses in the visible wavelength regime with peak powers of several TW are able to generate hot plasmas if they are focused onto a solid target. With flux intensities of more than 10/sup 19/ W/cm/sup 2/ for a duration of a few tens of femtoseconds electrons with relativistic energies of up to many MeV are produced. We present novel results on angular and spectral distribution of MeV x-rays from relativistic laser plasmas.