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Multiple priorities QoS scheduling for simultaneous videos transmissions

By: Hon-Hing Wan; Lin, X.;

2000 / IEEE / 0-7695-0933-9


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' Multiple priorities QoS scheduling for simultaneous videos transmissions ' Multimedia servers are used to serve clients' requests of multimedia data streams. However, due to the constraints of the network resources such as bandwidth, an efficient scheduling algorithm is critical in providing the quality of service (QoS). We propose the multiple priorities QoS scheduling (MPQS) algorithm that targets transmitting multiple video streams through a network simultaneously. In the proposed MPQS method two priorities are assigned to each stream of videos dynamically when the scheduler needs to schedule a packet to the network. A simulation is conducted to evaluate the performance of MPQS. The Meta-QoS is used to analyze the performance. The simulation results and analysis show that, compared with the other existing scheduling algorithms, the proposed MPQS provides better performance of the overall QoS for the clients.