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L-band 100-watts push-pull GaAs power FET

By: Tateno, Y.; Takahashi, H.; Ebihara, K.; Fukaya, J.; Igarashi, T.;

1998 / IEEE / 0-7803-4471-5


This item was taken from the IEEE Conference ' L-band 100-watts push-pull GaAs power FET ' Over 100 W GaAs FET based device was developed. Using the push-pull configuration, this L-band high power GaAs MESFET achieved an output power of 102 W (50.1 dBm), 11.0 B power gain and 47% power added efficiency with drain-source voltage of 10 V at 2.2 GHz. In addition, operating with the drain-source voltage of 12 V, an output power of 125 W (51 dBm) was obtained. The developed FET will contribute to improve the performance of the SSPAs used in various base-station systems that require higher output power and low distortion.