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A framework for dynamic changes in workflow management systems

By: Reichert, M.; Dadam, P.;

1997 / IEEE / 0-8186-8147-0


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' A framework for dynamic changes in workflow management systems ' Current workflow management systems (WFMSs) are only applicable in a reliable and secure manner if the business process (BP) to be supported is well structured. As ad hoc deviations from preplanned BPs are rather the norm and form a key part of process flexibility, this limits the applicability of today's workflow (WF) technology significantly. We present a framework for the support of ad hoc structural changes of WFs. Basic to our approach is a conceptual, graph based WF model which has a formal foundation in its syntax and operational semantics. Based upon this model, we have developed a complete and minimal set of change operations which support users in modifying the structure of WFs at runtime, while preserving their correctness and consistency.