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The EUCLIDES prototype: An efficient parabolic trough for PV concentration

By: Minano, J.C.; Arboiro, J.C.; Zamorano, J.C.; Luque, A.; Dramsch, C.; Sala, G.; Cunningham, D.; Bruton, T.;

1996 / IEEE / 0-7803-3166-4


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' The EUCLIDES prototype: An efficient parabolic trough for PV concentration ' The project EUCLIDES, subsidized by the European Union, had the aim of demonstrating the feasibility of cost reduction using reflective parabolic trough solar concentrators. The concentrator is conceived as one axis, horizontal tracking North/South oriented array, 72 meters long. The geometric concentration ratio is 32X. A prototype, 24 meters long, has been developed and installed in Madrid, Spain. The overall efficiencies of 14 series connected receiving modules is 15.0% at 25/spl deg/C. Such modules consist of 12 BP Solar SATURN concentrator solar cells, fully encapsulated. Costs analysis, after the prototype construction, shows that a total cost of 3.30 $/Wp for a grid connected solar power plant is achievable at the 10 MW production level. Also parabolic troughs have proved their suitability as PV concentrators.