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A 2-ns, 5-mW, synchronous-powered static-circuit fully associative TLB

By: Tachibana, S.; Higuchi, H.; Nagano, T.; Minami, M.;

1995 / IEEE / 0-7800-2599-0


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' A 2-ns, 5-mW, synchronous-powered static-circuit fully associative TLB ' Virtual memory is used in most high-performance computer systems to extend the address space. Virtual addresses are translated by the system into physical addresses at run-time. The translation is usually accelerated by special hardware called a translation look-aside buffer (TLB). Thus, TLBs are required for high-speed operation. In conventional high-speed TLBs, set-associative memories are utilized. But they need a large chip area. Fully associative TLBs which use content addressable memories (CAM) realize smaller chip areas. But slow circuit speed and large power dissipation are drawbacks in large entry-TLBs. This paper describes high-speed, low-power fully associative TLBs which do not need any signal lines added to conventional TLBs by using a newly developed matched signal and reference signal generator circuits.